Metal and Marble Polishing and Restoration Puts a Positive Shine on Your Company

Let’s face it; appearance is important. It can provide a lasting impression at first glance. So your building needs to shine when the lights go on! Who wants a colleague or prospect to enter a building or facility where he or she is greeted by an unpolished façade, unkempt lobby, smeared or dented elevator, or dulled floor? Not a good look!

As a leading building services’ provider, MD Building Services, in addition to providing janitorial and other cleaning services, also cares for the metal and marble of your building. We have a very expert metal and marble restoration staff that restores and enhances while tending to scratches, dents, dullness and other surface imperfections that have lost their shine.

Bronze, brass, stainless. Marble, limestone, granite. Show us your tired and your worn and we will restore your faith in their beauty through honing, polishing and patching where necessary. We’re there for your handrails, elevator doors and panels, entranceways, revolving doors and more.

Please don’t let too much time pass between cleaning and polishing of your metal and marble because dullness and damage can be harder to polish and repair over the long run. Call MD Building Services for our full suite of marble and metal restoration services! We’re experts at bringing a new shine to the room. Call us at 212. 967. 1235 for more information on how we can get this done for you today.

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