The Party’s Over. Did You Clean up Well?

clean office

It’s been a few weeks probably since food and drink appeared in places in your office where it usually doesn’t show up for long. Could some of that food still be showing there? It’s not too late to check around. Have you peaked under the desks, or stared into the corners of the closet or behind the blinds? There can be stuff strewn this way and that! Or worse, stuck there!

It’s possible it’s passable, but how acceptable is it really when the professionals aren’t doing the cleaning? You don’t want a prospect or colleague or client coming to visit and step into an office space that looks like a deli that failed inspection.

Let MD Building Services swoop in to get your office off to a fresh start in the new year. Reliability and professionalism have been are trademark since opening our doors over 30 years ago.

We service some of the city’s finest buildings, and we’d love a chance to service yours. For more information call us today at 212.967.1235.

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