Why Summer is the Right Time for Floor Care and Metal Polishing

In the summer, when building occupants take time to vacation, the facility or building in which they work takes a breather too. Less foot traffic means less  structural wear and tear. Fewer hands means less contact to railings or metal surfaces. Summer, ostensibly, is the time to get bigger cleaning tasks done to contact areas around your building or office or lobby, when people are away.

How well you care for your floors, surfaces or carpets will be the pretext for how often your floors or metal need professional cleaning. Perhaps you’ve been vacuuming or buffing well enough all along. Summer, however, is the ideal time to move larger machinery in for deep carpet cleaning or marble or composite vinyl floor polishing or refinishing, when the disruption they can cause can be minimized.

MD Building Services has for over 30 years been a highly respected service provider for janitorial services throughout the City. However, our core capability as janitorial service providers extends to a variety of specialty services that includes expert carpet and floor care services, as well as metal refinishing and polishing, too

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