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Detail Cleaning Takes Office Cleaning One Step Further Once in a While. Schedule Yours Today.

office detail cleaningDetail cleaning takes office cleaning one step further than emptying the trash and cleaning large surfaces. The details of cleaning include tidying up keyboards on desks and reaching for and wiping clean cobwebs in the desk's corner. This specific cleaning service involves wiping down furniture, and in the kitchen getting in and around those unseen surfaces where dirt, and food can collect. We will clean vents and the surfaces of materials that do not otherwise get cleaned, such as trashcans or chair backs. Detail cleaning might not be a daily occurrence, but when periodically scheduled into other routine office cleaning its effects are noticeable and appreciated by those who occupy the space.

The Nitty Gritty of Detail Cleaning

Light switches. Hand railings. Telephones. Doorknobs. In every office there are numerous areas that are touched, smeared, dirtied or otherwise left unclean after a day's work. Depending on just how much cleaning you want, there's always something to clean, and better to clean than not! Let us know how we can get into the nitty gritty with our detail cleaning staff today!

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