Book Concierge Services As Part of Your Company Party‘s To-Do List!

It’s getting close to holiday party time. For in-house company parties that start out about food and drink, there is another consideration at hand: Concierge Services. It’s a special touch for employees and guests alike, and can keep a party running smoothly for the enjoyment of all those in attendance.

As a leading building services’ provider, MD Building Services, in addition to providing cleaning services pre-party and post, also offers Concierge Services that can greet guests, offer assistance with coats, provide directions, and set-up a security detail, too. We also provide Matron Services to clear tables and trays, and refill food and drink stations. Our White Glove services can offer appetizer rounds, take drink orders, and provide other hosting needs. Restroom attendants can be put in place, too. These are nice touches for holiday get-togethers and can set your holiday party apart from others.

Furthermore, although it may sound counter-intuitive, booking a pre-party cleaning crew will guarantee a clean entry to your party space, and makes a good first impression before the corks pop! Clean corners, carpets, walls, knobs and other surfaces should be tended before the first guests walk though the door. We can be there post-party to do the clean up, too.

It’s OK to sweat the details of the guest list and menu, but when it comes to buttoning up around the edges, call MD Building Services for both our full suite of Concierge Services as well as pre- and post-party cleaning to set the stage for a memorable night! We’re experts at these things so you can enjoy your big night without having to worry about the details. Call us at 212.967.1235 concierge servicesfor more information.

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