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Draperies add a touch of design and warmth to any location. Sometimes they’re found in senior management offices. They can also be part of showrooms, too. Because they do provide a backdrop, it is especially important to make a good impression. However, when overlooked come cleaning time, the color can fade, dust can collect, and the texture can wrinkle, taking a bit of the impact out of an otherwise clean appearance. When that occurs, a good drapery cleaning is money well spent. True of upholstered furniture that goes unchecked, too. A stained or fraying furniture piece, be it a chair or sofa, does not speak well of its owner!

For appearance and health, it is important to periodically clean the drapes, and address spots on your office upholstery as well.

While, vacuuming as part of the regular cleaning service helps keep the draperies clean, periodically they need professional cleaning.  Our supervisors, who visit each customer’s office, look at your drapes and know when it is time to do a heavy cleaning and they call in our experts.

As with all services we provide, MD Building Services personnel are trained in the work they do.  Before your office cleaning, one of our experts inspects the draperies and  upholstered furniture and determines the fabric content, color-fastness of dyes and the weave.  Depending on the type of fabric – cotton, silk, wool or a synthetic blend – the supervisor determines whether it is better to wash or dry clean the curtains.

Some drapery and upholstered fabrics require treatment to maintain a freshness while others have fire-retardant chemicals that should not be removed and can be hazardous when released into the environment.  Having a bonded office cleaning professional cleaning your office’s drapes or upholstery is vital.  When we send out the drapes as part of the office cleaning, we organize the job so they are quickly reinstalled. We have personnel trained in determining the best way to clean your drapes and upholstery. While we vacuum drapes as part of our regular cleaning services, we know that occasional heavy cleaning is needed.

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