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Reliable and Superior Post Construction Clean Up Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Long Island and Northern NJ for 30 Years. And Still Going Strong!

There's Post-Construction Clean up They Do. Then There's the Down-and-Dirty, Nitty-Gritty Post-Construction Clean-up We Do.

post construction cleaning

Construction leaves behind a new business space as well as dust, debris and other detritus.  That’s why companies need a cleaning service that is meticulous and has the infrastructure, the manpower, and the methodology that are required to ensure a complete post construction clean up. Not just lifting debris like sheetrock and nails and empty coffee cups. The post-construction clean-up we're talking about involves the services of a commercial cleaning company to inspect and clean walls, carpets, flooring, windows and every nook and cranny that was impacted by the construction. And that could mean the offices down the hall.

MD Building Services has the trained personnel who can do the job.  We don’t send in a crew of people who do all the work. We send in our skilled specialists who handle different aspects of the project, and know what to look for in a post construction environment. When we leave, your space shines and enhances the renovation and rehab work you have done.

Post construction cleaning often means working for long times in awkward positions. Paint, for example, can land in any number of spots. Paint landing behind a toilet needs to be cleaned up and reaching the spot can be very difficult if not uncomfortable. Paint spills on the floors, carpet and such also needs cleaning – all with special equipment and chemicals. MD Building Services can do it all.

Outside needs cleaning as well since job sites are notorious for nails, left over wood, siding, bricks and more are left behind. More often than not, the waste materials are scattered across the site and will have to be collected. Most professional cleaning services bring in large trailers to haul volumes of trash to recycling centers or appropriate trash locations.

We Guarantee That All Commercial Cleaning Will be Completed on Schedule and Will Adhere to All Safety Standards.

Our post construction clean up services include:

• Thorough inspection of the environment to assess the scope of work
• Washing of all surfaces, scrubbing, stain removal, vacuuming and dusting
• Sanitizing of bathrooms and kitchens
• Maintenance of hard floors including buffing and waxing
• Pest control
• Facade and window cleaning
• We maintain the highest standards.
• All our personnel are trained in their specific jobs and together form an effective, efficient team.
• All our professionals are insured, screened, bonded and OSHA-certified.
• Our post-construction office cleaning services are fully customized to your requirements.
• Supervisors undertake regular checkups to make sure that the job is being done as promised.
•  We are available 24/7. If you need help to handle any emergency, call us.

For reliable and superior post-construction clean up service serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Long Island and Northern NJ, please call (888) 478-0813 or to contact us by email, click here and send us a message today.