Power Washing is a Powerful Force for Cleaning and Protecting Property

Power washing is a deep cleaning tool that takes surface clean to the next level. It’s as much about powering off gum and grime and urine as it is about digging out dirt from concrete and brick, embedded to the point of near-permanence. Power washing can also bring a shine to sheet metal and aluminum that skirt storefronts.

Power washing also brings attention to loose fitting concrete and brick which, when not remedied, can lead to far greater problems than the aesthetics of clean.

At MD Building Services, we can schedule a power washing for your building at a time that is convenient for the traffic your property absorbs. We are fully licensed and insured, have been an industry success for over 30 years, and own a track record for excellence in managing the readiness and cleanliness of properties for visiting guests, residents and building employees too.

For more information, call us today at 212.967.1235, or visit us at mdbuildingsvcs.com to learn about the wide ranging building services we expertly provide.

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