touchless sanitizing dispenser

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Touchless operation. It's becoming more important each day in disinfecting the novel coronavirus and other seasonal influenzas that attach themselves to the things we touch. These durable automatic liquid soap or gel hand sanitizer dispensers are made in New York State and are available through MD Building Services. Easy to operate, each automatically dispenses when the sensor under the dispenser is hand-activated. Made of white, high-impact and tamper resistant plastic, these 28 ounce sanitizing hand dispenser units can be either wall mounted or mounted to a mobile stand. Powered by one 9V or 6 AA-batteries, adding this layer of protection for personnel, colleagues or guests can make a difference in the health of those in your place of business. Locate these touchless dispensers in common areas, near elevators, and in bathrooms to provide protection at every turn, and to remind people the importance of hand sanitizing to defeat the virus's spread. Furthermore, we've got your refills covered. Ask about sanitizer refills available at 70% soothing alcohol gel in 64 ounce containers as well.

MD Building Services is a leading NYC area janitorial services company located in midtown Manhattan. In addition to routine cleaning services and other building specialty services such as painting, rug and upholstery cleaning that we can turnaround quickly given limited occupancies around town, we have powerful disinfection spray technology that can quickly sanitize large areas in medical facilities and doctors' offices, for example, at the end of each day to combat the novel coronavirus and other viruses, too. For more information call us today at 212.967.1235

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