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Reliable and Superior Carpet Cleaning Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Long Island and Northern NJ for 30 Years. And Still Going Strong!

MD Building Services Carpet Cleaning Professionals Protect the Look & Longevity of Your Carpets

Floors may just get the most wear of anything in your office, commercial or retail space, lobby or hallways!  It’s clear not all floors show their wear, but carpets certainly do. But don’t wait for that unsightliness to appear! The amount of dirt that goes hidden can be frightening! That’s why a good cleaning and vacuuming by a professional agency is as important as a periodic deep steam cleaning or shampooing. Frequent carpet cleaning, which includes vacuuming of course, increases a carpet’s life, which is important when you’ve made a substantial investment in it. But perhaps more important in that a dirty carpet shows unfavorably on your company or building’s as it does on the carpet itself.

MD Building Services Vacuums and Otherwise Cleans your Floors on our Regular Schedule.

We have the expertise and training to do the full cleaning or shampooing job as often as required. Regular carpet cleaning / extraction sanitizes and prolongs the life of the carpet and is best left to experts to do the job right. At MD Building Services, the professionals who do a full cleaning only do carpet cleaning.  Why?  They’re familiar with the nuances of each carpet’s construct and proceed accordingly. For example, too much water on certain pile densities can shrink or expand commercial carpet. Our staff is trained how to use the right materials and to carefully monitor and control the use of those materials, including water volume.  In fact, in some cases the less water used the better. We can steam clean to sanitize, depending on the type of carpet and layout.  Prior to cleaning, one of our supervisors will visit your office and determine which method would be best.  We can do the work at night or on weekends, so as not to interfere with your work.

Why Choose Us For Carpet Cleaning :

• The professionals who periodically do a full cleaning only do carpet cleaning.
• We use the latest technologies and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean large area carpets.
• Our work is quick, and there is minimum inconvenience caused to others.
• Our commercial carpet shampooing service is available daily, weekly, monthly or on as-needed basis.
• Regular checks are conducted by supervisors to ensure that high work standards are met.
• Immediate services available 24/7 when you call us.

For a reliable and superior carpet cleaning service for offices and commercial properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Long Island and Northern NJ, please call (888) 478-0813 or to contact us by email, click here and send us a message today.