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Add Safety & Luster with Our Wood Restoration & Repair Service

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You, your staff and your guests will come in contact everyday with the wood in your space whether it’s a window to get some fresh air or a chair to sit in during a meeting. As such, it wears down, gets dirty and sometimes needs adjusting. Why not choose to minimize the effects of wear and improve the company’s image too, by using MD pros to both clean and assess the work that needs to be done. Polishing, restoring and repairing each piece of wood will only improve its look and performance in the end and save you from costs and damages that can occur from neglect. Sometimes it’s just a bit of polish or oil; other times creative use of paint will give new life to a forgotten workhorse!

Addressing the wood condition regularly has several benefits, including:

  • Polished wood can repel water to some extent. Wood that is not protected will absorb moisture and swell by a process called imbibition
  • When used judiciously and carefully, polish does not cause any damage to the finish of the wood. In fact, it improves the finish and makes it look brand new!
  • The surface becomes slick after it has been polished. As a result, dust can be easily wiped off without leaving scratches or damage.

Why Choose Us for Wood Restoration and Repair:

  • We use only those polishes certified as “Green”
  • Our expert polishers, painters and craftsman know which product and process is best for you and your needs. This avoids damage and deterioration to the surface.
  • We regularly inspect your furniture to know when work is needed

For a reliable and superior wood restoration and repair service for offices and commercial properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Long Island and Northern NJ, please call (888) 478-0813 or to contact us by email, click here and send us a message today.