Tips for a Flu Proof Office this Winter Season

At MD Building Services, we offer office cleaning that can specifically target those office areas that most contribute to germs and the spread of illness.. Our dedicated and experienced staff will come in and detail clean and disinfect your space helping to insure a clean and healthy environment for all your employees and guest alike.

Here are 5 tips to keeping an office more germ-free during flu season:

Educate your employees about the importance of hand-washing and teach them the proper method of washing hands. Employers should revisit restrooms and break rooms to assure signs are posted to remind and illustrate that.

Ensure that disinfecting wipes and dispensers of hand sanitizer are full and available. Setting up stations around the office can reduce cross-contamination in the workplace. It’s an easy and welcome office add-on that is appreciated given that the flu virus can live up to eight hours or longer on desks, keyboards, telephones, and other office equipment. Cleaning frequently touched common areas with a disinfecting solution can reduce the spread of germs from employee-to-employee.

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Encourage employees to stay home whenever possible if they are sick. Individuals can spread their illnesses if they show up at the office while contagious. Though most employers offer sick days, some individuals shy away from using them. It is critical that employers encourage their employees to take time off so that the employee can recover sooner and prevent others from getting ill —reducing overall absenteeism.

Host a flu vaccination clinic at office locations. It can be difficult for employees to schedule a doctor appointment and get vaccinated. Consider offering flu vaccination onsite to make it easier for staff at no or low cost to them. You can also make arrangements with your local pharmacy such as CVS or Walgreens who offer free vaccines.

Install touch-less paper towel and soap dispensers. These types of dispensers reduce cross-contamination and simplify hygiene practices for employees, helping to better regulate overall office hygiene. Place waste baskets by the exit so paper towels can be used to open the door and then thrown away.

For more information on how MD Building Services can provide flu prevention services as well as an array of other janitorial services to your office or retail or commercial space, please call us at 212.967.1235

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