Window Cleaning for all the Panes in the Office

If you’re a bird, you won’t know what hit you. We call that a very clean window, and if you sit too close it can be scary. But usually, a clean window is often taken for granted. It just stands there, mute, upright and in place, giving you a birds-eye view of whatever is on the other side. (Let’s hope it’s not a bird.) But if that pane is dirty, sunlight reveals a film, if not a smear, that’s none too attractive! You know how unclean eyeglasses can dull out vision. True to panes in the office, too: Conference room windows and tables, door panes, interior glass partitions, storefront windows and the like. You don’t always “see” the dirt, but you know it’s there.

Window washers are NOT a bird’s best friend. But hiring window washers can be reminder to staff, colleagues and guests that you care about cleanliness and appearances. At MD Building Services in midtown Manhattan, a premier janitorial services company, we have a window cleaning staff that can deliver on promise to cleaning windows so they appear brand new, almost like they’re not even there. We do this quickly, in and out neatly and silently during the hours that fit your schedule.  And for less than you think.

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