Medical Office Cleaning and an Ounce of Prevention for Infection Control

It’s fair to say that when you walk into any building or store or office, the defacto visual should be its cleanliness. Anything less is noticeable and can stick out sorely.  Overflowing trash can, dirt collected on the floor, smeared surfaces, etc. You get the not-so-pretty picture.

When it comes to medical offices, the bar is far higher. Not only do you expect to walk into a visually clean office, but the surface quality clean — the unseen clean as it were — is critical for the safety and health of patients. In medical rooms, including patient waiting rooms and doctors’ and dentists’ offices, each person’s vulnerability to infection is heightened by the compromised nature of each’s visit to the medical office in the first place.  A dirty blood lab? Could you imagine. Yet, some medical facilities cut corners, and this can lead to problems.

Medical offices are not the place to compromise on clean. Full stop! Popular household cleaners may not have enough firepower to do the job. And a maid service may not have the experience to know the nuances of how to clean, or even what to clean, in medical offices, labs or waiting rooms.

MD Building Services in midtown Manhattan is a premier janitorial services company. On any given day we are sending our best medical cleaning teams into hospitals, medical centers, waiting rooms, dental practices, doctor and patient rooms, and healthcare and lab facilities throughout the Tri-state area, each doing a stellar job wherever the call. 

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