The Janitorial Crew: Value Beyond the Cleaning

A reputable and well-established janitorial cleaning company, such as ours at MD Building Services, presents value on many levels. Of course, there is the aesthetic: Who doesn’t like a clean office or restroom. But perhaps more importantly is the tremendous value in the healthy environment that is generated from cleanliness. In fact, sick days as a result of an unkempt workplace can turn into lost productivity that — in aggregate across the country — results in billions of dollars in lost revenue. Drilling down a bit, as the graphic reveals, dust exposure alone can result in as much as 6% decrease in the cognitive skills of an employee. ISSA statistics reveal much more: Customers prefer cleanliness too. It shows you care about you workers and your customers. So when your stuck on a cost to clean, think about this: A janitorial service company such as MD Building Services will not only clean and beautify your office space, but will contribute to a healthy and productive workplace as well. And that translates to dollars!

Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed and trained to commercial janitorial cleaning services that not only meet our high professional standards, but the standards necessary to make your retail, commercial or office building shine at every turn. For more information on janitorial cleaning services, please call 212.967.1235.

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