Questions to Ask When Selecting a Janitorial Cleaning Company

A janitorial cleaning company plays a very important role in a company’s workday. Often working unseen, cleaning crews have the unenviable task of cleaning away the dirt and debris left behind by client company personnel after the workday ends.  Preparing for the next business day can entail a variety of cleaning tasks. But more important, giving access to veritable strangers requires due diligence on those seeking a new janitorial service provider in more ways than one.

So how does one choose? Well, size matters. You need a company with a supporting staff that can deliver on promise. A smaller shop with few employees can fail you in many ways.  A firm that has a variety of services as well can extend into any of those services once trust has been established. So it behooves you to ask about the breadth of cleaning services they can provide.

Larger more robust janitorial service companies have on-site supervisors that can oversee and confirm their commitment to the tasks assigned. A management chain can give you access to decision makers if you’re in need of a quick solution to a problem or situation.

Do not be afraid to ask for references. Chances are a company with decades of experience will have so many satisfied customers that you can ask for particular type that had needs similar to yours.  A peek at their website might reveal recent testimonials. A smart looking, informative website can suggest attention to detail that is part of their service culture, too.

For over 30 years MD Building Services has been a leading janitorial services provider with offices in Manhattan, serving the surrounding boroughs, North Jersey and Long Island. For info, contact us at 212.967.1235, today.

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