Pest Control for Better Tenant Relations

Pests are a fact of life. Not just the two-legged kind perhaps sitting across from you at work! In office buildings the most common pests are rodents. Not to minimize obnoxious flies and bugs, including the roach, but rats and mice pose bigger threats to employee health, as well as building safety and security. If you did not do any form of preventative pest control maintenance in the Fall when pests tend to hunker down, it’s not too late to check up areas of your building that can be infested, and to encourage best practices for cleanliness for those who occupy your building.

Here are a few things you can do right now that can save you later:

  • Fix holes in walls. If a rodent can stick his head through a hole, his whole body can follow.
  • Take out the trash. Daily.
  • Clean spills, especially the ones you don’t want to!
  • Don’t let dirty dishes pile up.
  • Peek at plants in their nooks and crannies to see if they are infested.
  • A water drip at a leaky faucet or pipe can provide water to drink for thirsty unwanted visitors.

If you rather a professional team visit you to either prevent or correct a pest control problem you are currently experiencing, please call MD Building Services today at 212.967.1235.

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