Customer Experience and the Testimonial to Build Trust and Help Focus a Company

We all know how important testimonials can be for acquiring new business. Companies can make pronouncements about price, quality and reliability all day long. But it’s the customer experience and subsequent testimonial that adds credibility and validation to a company’s claims.

customer experience

At MD Building Services, now in our 26th year of doing business, we seek these testimonials actively. Those rare times we underperform and learn this through our customer experience feedback form, we make adjustments to our services and become a better service provider for it. On the other hand, positive customer experience rewards our staff and our business for a job well done. As a NYC-based commercial janitorial services company, we hope to inspire trust in the service of new customers by encouraging our staff to strive for excellence every day. In the end, that earned and posted testimonial provides a window into which new prospects can reliably learn about past performances of our company. For more information, MD Building Services can be reached by phone at (212) 967-1235

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