The Power of Social and Business Media

The importance of social and business media cannot be overstated. We all recognize these powerful tools can elevate a company’s profile in ways near unimaginable a decade ago.

The type of business to which one is associated usually predicates the direction of media postings. Those more oriented to social discussions, such as a leg warmer business, might, perhaps arguably, flourish on Facebook. Lawyers or accountants may raise a greater awareness to their professional services through business platforms such as LinkedIn. Regardless, posts that provide relevant information, clues, tips, advice, insight, etc can be helpful in affixing a company’s name to media

Furthermore, when a company’s post is shared, the company’s reach is accelerated. We encourage all our followers to repost where appropriate, and comment to the thread if a thought on the post occurs. In addition, for the purpose of SEO, frequent postings and the sharing of those posts can nudge Google’s calculus to acknowledge a company’s relevancy and in so doing improve its webpage rank.

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