Detail Cleaning Makes the Most Sense During the Summer

All qualified janitorial service companies throughout Manhattan, the boroughs, Long Island and NJ provide office cleaning services around the schedules of their clients. That much is a given. However, for specialty services or those other detail cleaning jobs that require more time, summer, when staffs vacation, might be the best opportunity to schedule those time consuming jobs. office detail cleaning

So just what are we talking about that involves detail cleaning? Wiping down furniture, and in the kitchen, getting in and around those unseen surfaces where dirt and food can collect. Cleaning vents and the surfaces of materials that do not otherwise get cleaned, such as trashcans or chair backs. Light switches. Hand railings. Telephones. Doorknobs. In every office there are numerous areas that are touched, smeared, dirtied or otherwise left unclean after a day’s work. If your company is need of having a major once-over in the form of detail cleaning, call MD Building Services today at 212.967.1235.


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