What to Look for in a Janitorial Services Company for Office Cleaning Contracting

You’ve asked around. You’ve talked to colleagues seeking information on a janitorial company to clean up your offices. But we know referrals will only take you so far. That’s because each prospective customer’s circumstances are different. The cleaning crew that serves the financial firm on the third floor might not be right for the needs of the high tech company on the fifth. So how to begin? You obtain a few names by referral or google, and you check out each’s website. Testimonials should then give you some insight certainly. Their experience, and number of years in business — are they seasoned or a start-up? — offers clues, too. Perhaps the most revealing is the management team. Is there a President who is reachable and who will answer questions? Or an Operations team that will constructs a service mix right for the job?  A call to MD Building Services will get the ball rolling. A meeting with management will answer your questions and put you on the road to discovery whether MD is right for you, or not! Chances are, it is!  For more information call us today at 212.935.1244.

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