Move In/Move Out with MD Building Services

The challenges building owners encounter when transitioning from one tenant to the next can be formidable. However, there’s one building owner in Coney Island who eased those challenges by calling MD Building Services to prepare his space for new restaurant prospects.

A building owner who invests in putting his best “space face” forward can shorten the time between tenancies. Addressing cleaning issues involving walls and floors can dramatically improve the attractiveness of the space and provide a desirable first impression that can move the dialogue along. Of course there’s detail cleaning, painting and the removal of unrelated appliances, fixtures and furniture that can better prepare a space’s rental potential, too.

Getting your property ready for a new occupant does not have to be time consuming or burdensome. In fact, it can be a very cost-efficient project! If you have space that needs readiness for a new occupant, call us at MD Building Services. We’re here to make that transition from old tenant to new tenant go quickly and smoothly. For more information on our move in/move out services, please call 212.967.1235.
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