Windows Need Love Too! Wash Them This Spring!

Who really notices a clean window? Most of us more than likely notice a dirty one than readily appreciate a clean one.

As spring nears, building managers and owners will start to address clean-ups and fixes that are easier to get to in warmer weather. Many of these chores focus on maintaining property areas that were affected by winter weather. Some may power wash stoops and storefronts, but near everyone should be seeking to clean their windows. And for good reasons. There’s the view, of course: no one likes looking through a window smudged or dirtied by bird-dropping or fingerprints. But perhaps more importantly is the glass degradation itself, and what can become a major problem if dirt or film is left unchecked. That’s because glass is porous, and hard minerals can etch in and degrade the integrity of glass. Acid rain and other chemicals can impact glass in the long run if not addressed early on. And did you know poorly kept windows can affect the heat efficiency as well? By having particles on your window, more UV light is exposed, delaying heat transfer.

At MD Building Services our window washing unit can take this chore from your list and onto ours. For more information contact us at 212.967.1235 today.

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