The Impact of Color When Painting Your Office

A freshly painted office can be a powerful tool in boosting worker performance. Did you know that the color choice you select can be an indicator of what you can expect from your staff’s efforts? For example, an office with yellow tones can add calmness while improving concentration, whereas blue can be conducive to better productivity from those working in a high tech environment. Neutrals, such as grey, can minimize distractions. White, on the other hand, can make a room appear larger and offer more “breathing room” for those working in it. If stress relief is the objective in selecting a color, say for an MD’s waiting room, then tan or muted greens like olive might work best.

What’s more, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) is the chemistry behind the powerful paint smells that can be annoying if not irritating in a freshly painted room. Thankfully, many paint companies provide low VOC selections that can minimize the negative impact that fresh paint can produce.

Should you be considering office painting, ask us about the paint finish (high sheen paint is preferred for its durability and easy-to-clean features), scheduling and ways too diminish disruptions, too! And choose you colors wisely: The impact of color can prove valuable! For more information on the office painting services we provide, contact MD Building Services at 212.967.1235.


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