The Benefits of Metal Polishing

MD Building Services, a NYC provider of Janitorial Services including Specialty Services, recently completed a metal polishing project in midtown Manhattan to rave reviews. At MD, we use state of the art equipment when a hand-in-glove doesn’t match the performance our machinery can provide. For this NYC project we polished a building’s stainless steel in various places on the property .

Why bother, you say? Clean and shiny stainless steel shows you care. In addition, metal polishing provides:

metal polishing

Surface Beautification: The slightly abrasive nature of polishing metal helps rid the surface of scratches, nicks, and more. When buffing these surfaces we achieve the shininess and cleanliness that our clients seek.

Surface Durability: Metal polishing acts as a protective sealant to metal surfaces, meaning it stops oxidation. This change means your metal surfaces are much less likely to wear or corrode.

Surface Cleanliness: The level of a finish that metal polishing offers your building’s material means it’s less likely to hold germs. The will polish continues to act as a layer or buffer between the metal and any dirty hands, for example, and wipe clean easily.

Whether you’re searching for metal polishing to elevators, frameworks, walls, or doors, consider MD Building Services. We’ll keep your metal assets clean, appealing and in tip-top shape for those who come in contact with them. For more information call 212.967.1235

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  1. My father is interested in hiring metal finishing services so he can give some of the doors of his office building the shine that they deserve. It was beneficial that you brought up the fact that polishing metal will work as a protective sealant against the elements that could damage it. I’ll be sure to get into contact with a reliable service provider to aid my father!

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