Restore Your Building’s Metal, Marble and Stone Before They Take You to the Cleaners!

As seasons change so do moods and perspectives. As you go about your day, what you overlooked in summer might speak to you in the Fall. A scratch on an elevator door, a missing chunk of concrete in a staircase: Taking note of these visual imperfections is one thing; taking action another.  MD Building Services is a leading janitorial firm serving office and commercial buildings in Manhattan and adjacent boroughs. We expertly repair, polish and restore stone and marble as part of our specialty servicesRecently, the Finck Building called us to repair and clean their stone entry facade, to which we power-washed and detail-cleaned the cornices, piping and frame. Perhaps the marble floors in your building need attention, especially in heavy-trafficked areas (use mats where possible), or under decorative fixtures like potted plants or trash receptacles that sit unbuffered against the floor. Or those stainless elevator or access doors in your building might want a little love, too. Metal polishing not only beautifies but also adds layer of surface protection to the finish. For more information on all our building cleaning services, contact MD Building Services today at 212.967.1235.



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