MD Building Services Konnecting for Kidneys, 2017

This past Sunday Team Konnecting for Kidneys represented NYC in the National Kidney Walk. The Kidney Walk is a non-competitive 3-mile walk from Foley Square, over part of the Brooklyn Bridge and back. With over 7,000 walkers in attendance, this Walk has become a symbol of strength and hope for patients, their families and those at-risk. Kidney disease affects 30 million Americans, yet most don’t know they have it. The National Kidney Foundation is committed to accelerating change in the field of kidney health by changing laws, supporting research, and improving the quality of life for the 30 million Americans who have chronic kidney disease. kidney walkAll donations are 100% tax-deductible and over 80 cents of every dollar goes directly to the mission. We’re happy to say we’ve raised $852,000, but our goal is one million. Won’t you help us reach that? Your support will help us sustain our lifesaving programs in the year to come. To donate please go to: Thank you!

For more information regarding kidney disease visit For more on MD Building Services visit call 212.967.1235

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