Join Us for the Kidney Walk, November 12

As a new supporter of the National Kidney Foundation, I am honored to announce that I am a team captain for the New York City Kidney Walk. The Walk is taking place at Foley Square on November 12, 2017. As part of the team we are committed to raising funds and awareness for this urgent public health issue.

With over 7,000 walkers in attendance, this Walk has become a symbol of strength and hope for patients, their families and those at-risk. This year, we set a goal to raise a record $10,000 to make a powerful statement for this under the radar disease. A disease that affects 30 million Americans yet most don’t know they have it.

I would be very grateful if you would consider joining us by walking with us and through your donation. All of us can do our part to help persuade people to show kidneys some love. Our goal is to generate funds and awareness.

The National Kidney Foundation is committed to accelerating change in the field of kidney health by changing laws, supporting research, and improving the quality of life for the 30 million Americans who have chronic kidney disease. All donations are 100% tax-deductible and over 80 cents of every dollar goes directly to the mission. Your support will help us sustain our lifesaving programs in the year to come.

Team Konnecting are thrilled to be a part of the movement to mobilize for public health. Show your employees and your community their health matters by joining us.

The link is DONATE.KIDNEY.ORG/GOTO/KONNECTING. Thank you for your consideration.

Warmest Regards,
Connie DeBartolo
Vice President, Business Development
MD Building Services

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