The Importance of High Dusting This Time of Year

It’s allergy season. There’s sniffling and coughing and watery eyes. All that “wonderful” stuff that happens this time of year to those sensitive to pollens, dust and other allergens.

No worries! MD Building Services, a leading janitorial services company in midtown Manhattan, provides an office cleaning service to help those allergy sufferers stay healthy, comfortable and on the job. The service is called high dusting. As the name suggests, it’s the process of reaching areas of a room or lobby that are difficult reach, and includes cleaning by way of dusting or vacuuming to remove bacteria and other forms of build-up.  The areas in question include vents, grates, pipes, ceiling tiles in spaces usually above 15 feet, places where those unaccustomed to ladders should not venture, and only detail cleaning crews go.

Detail cleaning, in this case high dusting, goes deeper into areas not usually part of a janitorial cleaning services’s routine.  It gives a cleaning crew specific instruction to look into areas that are either unreachable without ladders or are out of sight to the pubic eye yet still effect the environment. There’s no better time than today to give us a call to do some high dusting for your work environment. For more information, contact MD Building Services today at 212.967.1235.

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